With a blueprint which will show you how to create these membership sites in less than 7 minutes.

You’re about to discover...

Like I said, all you will need for this to work for you is a computer and internet.

Here are some of my successes over the years…

Hitting the ground running with huge 10k / day membership site launches…

To having membership sites with sales of OVER $500 / day for many months.

Which helps to bring home the cold hard cash!

It’s a definite fact that...

And how is this all done? The secret is this…

But how rude of us… let us introduce ourselves first.

Hi, we’re Peng Joon & Alex Mandossian

Sure it sounds like another load of Internet Marketing bull. “Push button” products, “Instant Riches” softwares, the list goes on and on. Products which will earn you millions of dollars with zero work, so long as you can press a button.

Now before you yawn and say "I've seen all of these before" or "Not another internet scam rebranded", let me tell you what this isn't.

Because just like you, I'm tired of being pushed around, force fed and burnt by self titled internet gurus with their "Push Button Products", "Instant Riches Softwares"... the line of BS products just go on and on and on.

Yup, I know and I’ve been there.

But the great thing is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Because I'm going to introduce you to a system.

And I'm not going to lie by saying it's all mine and I've invented it all by myself.

Because I didn't. All I did was to repurpose a tried and tested concept and made it work online.

Think of the days before the internet. What a great business model did multi-million dollar companies adopt for recurring income?

Remember the days of the newspaper and magazines? I'm kidding, they do still exist but hey, what was their business model?

A subscription or as we would like to call it, a membership.

Don't think for one second this business model is dead.

Private golf clubs, sport season tickets, gym memberships...

In fact, the biggest membership which I'm sure you're probably part of is Facebook.

So even if you don't trust me, trust them. It's a tried and tested business model.

And what I'm going to show you is how to transform what you have right now, be it a website doing low 4 figures or a nonexistant page in the works, idea in your head type of thing, into a 5 figure monthly recurring income.

But it wasn't always this easy for me.

Over 5 years ago, I was in debt to the tune of $115, 232 from a combination of student loans and poor investments.

And my thankless job of credit-card salesman definitely wasn't my idea of hitting it big.

From my calculations, it would have taken me 18 years to pay off my loan and that was without taking into account inflation, buying a house or a car.

Which basically meant my life sucked.

But I believed in the Work from Home dream...

So I invested EVEN MORE money into this dream.

But yeah, like I said, scam after scam, lie after lie, course after course.

$37 here, $197 monthly recurring, $47 upsell there, $19 downsell here...

I've paid it all and I've read it all.

And it amounted for absolutely the square root of squat.

It didn't help one bit. And I was about to give up hope.

Until one day, I had an epiphany during one of my conversations with a mentor of mine. During a discussion about what was wrong with my business model and why it didn’t work for me, he told me “Joon, don’t do what the gurus say, just do what the gurus do!”

And it hit me.

That was it, I needed to follow what they did. And so I went undercover.

I said to myself "forget what they teach and just do what they do" and started learning all the things they did themselves for all of their products.

I set out to learn their techniques, find loopholes and tweak it to make it much more efficient.

I experimented with a ton of them, some worked, some were hit and miss but eventually, I came across a model which every single guru out there was using.

And what exactly do they do?

They create membership sites.

And that’s what I now do too.


Imagine having money coming in on autopilot, EVERY month, EVERY year with minimal effort (and here, I'll show you how to automate it so you can be sipping cocktails on a beach in Maldives without needing to worry about it!)

The profits will come in thick and fast, EVERY day for months, even years.

Like a machine.

That's why.

So I create multiple streams of income by having multiple membership sites, all of which run on autopilot. This brings in easily four to five figure paychecks every single month without fail. Each friggin’ site.

Sounds great?

That's not EVEN the best part.

Because the best part is that even YOU can do it too.

Even if you've never had any experience in internet marketing.

Even if you can't write a single literate sentence in English.

Even if you don't consider yourself an expert in any subject.

And I'm confident you'll be able to do it because you'll be able to look over my shoulder to see how I get things done, easily, quickly and effortlessly.

This makes this blueprint as foolproof as humanly possible.

This has totally changed the way I approach internet marketing.


Well, think of it this way. When a customer purchases from you in the "traditional" way, it's a one off transaction. But with a membership site business model, there is continuous income every single time you get a sale, so you'll get paid month after month, every single month from then onwards.

It’s like setting up a water pump. At the very beginning, you’ll need to put in work to find that perfect spot but once you get it, you’ll be able to constantly get water from it every single time.

But what does that really mean anyway?

I've designed a real world scenario in which you can expect your income to skyrocket when you adopt a membership site model.

Based on Just 3 $27 Sales Per Day From One Offer (Membership Site Business Model):

*Approximately 20% drop out rate per month is assumed

Based on Just 3 $27 Sales Per Day From One Offer (Traditional One Off Business Model):

Now take a look at the huge discrepancy in earnings. By adopting a traditional one off payment business model, you’re potentially leaving out over $200k of earnings on the table!

Without a doubt, this truly is the way to go in any business, be it a brick and mortar business and most definitely in internet marketing. But before we go any further, I’m sure you’re already thinking “Sure this is looks great but there must be a catch somewhere!”

Because who on earth in their right mind won’t want to be paid OVER and OVER every single month without any additional work whatsoever?

Well, believe me, we’re going to show you just how easy it is to get started and how you can have your very own site up and running in less than 7 minutes!

And all this is possible even if you’ve never had any experience in internet marketing before!

You’re about to learn how…

With these "look-over-my-shoulder" videos, you'll find out just HOW quick it can be to get a membership site up and running. Forget all the tech mumbo jumbo and coding nightmares, I'm going to debunk all those myths by holding your hand and showing you step-by-step what you'll exactly need to do, even if you've never installed wordpress in your entire life.


Look, I'm sure there are other business models which provide continuous income but each has their own downsides. Monthly audios and reports require constant content production as well as heavy uploads and downloads (requiring massive servers) and softwares require tons of labor and expertise to create and support its users.

Therefore, I’ve realized that the best model to provide a steady continuous income is the Membership Site Business Model.


I’m sure you know what a membership site model is. These proven business models are all around us, club memberships, gyms, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, the list is endless. And this is similar, only thing is that it’s online.

What I’m trying to say is that these membership site model is a simply an online community where the members will be able to access premium content like guides, articles and reports as well as other forms of media (audio, video, programs, expert interviews, forums etc) and the only way to keep accessing them is to pay a regular subscription fee (monthly, quarterly or even yearly)

But the real reason why membership site models are the way to go is simple.

So here’s the thing. Some of you already have a product which you’re itching to get onto the membership site business model. For those people, I’ll be able to show you just how fast you can transform your content into a monthly recurring income.

But some others may not even have a product.

Some may not even have a niche to work with.

And what if you aren’t an expert in anything?

Fortunately, if you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, you’re still in luck. That’s not a deal breaker because here’s an extremely well kept secret.

There are literally MILLIONS of experts… but only a handful of Content Publishers.

And being a content publisher is where the real money’s at.

You see, being a content publisher, you can engage the services of experts to do all the work for you while you reap the benefits with recurring income.

I own many sites, and ALL OF WHICH I’m not an expert in the field. I’m a Membership Site Publisher and I always work with the experts to create amazing content for me while I focus on the site creation as well as the marketing aspect of it.

And just to nail home my point, I’m going to share some case studies with you which will focus on some of the businesses which I run:

Publisher Model Case Study #1:
D3 Billionaire (Diablo 3)

I own and operate a gaming website on Diablo 3, but you may find it interesting to know that my total time EVER played in Diablo 3 is 13 hours and 23 minutes.

And yet, here's my Diablo 3 membership site, which is currently #1 on Clickbank's Gaming category at 203.12 gravity ...

Here's a screen shot of my Diablo 3 membership site. NOTE: I'm not the gamer. I am the PUBLISHER of this site...not the expert.

Shocking? Want to know how I did it? In all honesty, it was simple, I engaged an expert gamer and had him work on the content for me while I focused on the publishing of the material.

And believe me, it isn't rocket science, you'll be surprised at how easy it is when I show you how to replicate my business model. The real secret is how to use their knowledge to make it into recurring income (which I'll explain in great detail)

But that's not the only membership site I "publish"...

Publisher Model Case Study #2:
FX Rogue (Forex)

Ok you got me... I'm not a forex guru.

Ok you got me again, I also don’t trade in forex.

In fact, I can probably say I know nothing about currency trading and have never made a single trade, online or offline.

Want to know how I did it?

It's clear that the audio and videos on the site isn't me, not prepared by me, not done by me.


Because like I said before, I'M NOT THE EXPERT!

My partner (the expert) handles all the content, products and applications...

I just do the marketing...

And the coolest thing? When launched, I just dust my hands clean, my work is done and I just lie back and watch my monthly recurring income roll in.

But yet there's more…

Publisher Model Case Study #3:
Dating Secrets (Dating)

Me? Dating? Seriously?

I've been in a 7 year relationship; going to bars, picking up women, going to clubs… not my cup of tea.

Once again… I'm NOT the expert!

I just find partners (which I'll show you how) to take care of all the content while I do the marketing and collect the monthly checks!

Publisher Model Case Study #4:
WoW Secrets (World of Warcraft)

One last thing…

I'm showing you this case study as an example for those who WANT to brand yourself as an expert in that niche.

WoW Secrets Member's Area, the #1 Best Selling World of Warcraft guide online

So here's the thing…

WoW Secrets is marketed under my name. And the reason is, 7 years ago, I really was a WoW addict and was pretty good at the game.

I haven't played the game for about 4 years now, but I have experts updating the membership site on my behalf.

And today, WoW Secrets is the #1 bestselling guide on Clickbank, even though I haven't touched the game in years!

Experts and content providers are literally a dime a dozen! It’s the Site Publishers which make the real money!

But don’t panic if you don’t have the slightest idea how to engage these experts because I’m going to outline in detail how to get them on board to work with you.

With all these techniques and so much more, you can practically wave goodbye to your headaches and never worry about producing excellent quality content ever again.

But that’s not just it. With an effective Membership Site Business Model, you’ll also never have to worry about money again as the recurring income will have you set.

I’m not kidding when I earlier said that…

Sure that’s a morbid way of thinking but I believe that it’s very reassuring that should something happen to me, my family would still be very well taken care of. I mean, there’s absolutely nothing I will need to do anymore once a site is launched.

Like I mentioned before, I have people working on providing expert content for me and all I do is the marketing. And marketing is done right at the beginning, at launch, so after that, it’s on autopilot and I’m free to work on other projects or just head off for a well-deserved break!

And because you’ll have people handling your content for you, even if there is absolutely no more marketing, your members will still be there (although drop-off rate of 10-20% is normal) but studies show that even in 36 months, there will still be residue subscribers who will still be in your marketing funnel.

Also, if you’re in the evergreen niche and the content you’re providing is relevant and good, there is absolutely no reason why your members will opt out of your membership site (I however have marketing campaigns setup on autopilot to ensure that drop-off rates are minimized).

Chances are your site will still be going strong and rake in consistent recurring income even without you having to work on it!

But the question you now may want to ask is…

That’s a question I hear a lot. In fact, because that’s the mindset of a lot of people, they already fail at the first hurdle.

You see, there may be plenty of sites online but still a huge amount of niche markets which have low competition. Now, off the top of my head, I’m going to just pump in a couple of topics and I think you’ll be surprised at just how much searches there are with very little competition.

Did I Just Blow Your Mind??

16 Million searches for Diablo 3…

2.7 Million searches for Guild Wars 2…

450,000 searches for Golf Swing…

1.2 Million searches for Kindle Books…

2.2 Million searches for Wedding Photography…

... just to name some of these niches.

There are way, way more great keywords and searches in tons of other niches. But what I intended with that previous little exercise is to show you that there are literally hundreds of thousands (and sometimes millions) of people searching the least expected topics each and every month.

And HOW does that benefit you?

Just having a handful of these people becoming subscribers in your membership site will make your business become very lucrative… and in a very short amount of time as well.

I hope you’re already starting to see why this is the best online strategy to have because this is without doubt the best way to make money. But in actual fact, I know you’re actually already seeing the light. You should already know by now why having membership sites is the way to go, to transform your one off payments into recurring income (and lots of it!)

Wouldn’t you want to get your hands on something this powerful?

It’s a life changer for sure, boosting income, less stress, more fun…

Well, what would you do if I told you that you can replicate it month-in-month-out with other membership sites as well.

What if I told you that there is a powerful blueprint used… a blueprint I use… to churn out exciting membership sites which you can use too; to skyrocket your income exponentially.

This blueprint will make life a whole lot more fun…

The single best system that’s going to show you how to get your very own membership site done, end to end… which is easy to understand… simple to follow… and guaranteed to work.

But before we go into all that, let me tell you something important. I believe that the only way to teach someone, is ONLY when they’ve done it themselves.

And as my previous case studies show…

I have a forex membership site (even though I'm not a trader) and a Diablo 3 membership site...even though I’ve hardly played that game!

But more importantly all of my sites consistently bring in 5 - 6 figures EVERY MONTH...and all of them are already on autopilot which means my efforts are focused elsewhere on other projects.

In short, I walk the walk.

And with my knowledge and experience, I’ve created Membership Sites Blueprint to ensure that you too can…

There are exciting, marvelous opportunities for profit and satisfaction waiting for you in the membership website world. This is just as true if this is the first time you've ever even considered setting up a membership site, as it is if you're a veteran with pockets full of cash from previous successes.

The knowledge contained in the Membership Sites Blueprint is one of your most powerful assets – a no-nonsense, hard-hitting key to unlocking professional membership site success with a minimal investment and proven winning strategies!

Membership Sites Blueprint is your springboard to amazing successes online – a road map that cuts through all the generic babble and gives you clear, proven, 100% practical solutions for launching your site on a trajectory of victory that you haven't even dreamed of until now.

Check out everything you get – all the secrets that are revealed – and all the detailed information that you can start using immediately to build your own bridge to a better, more profitable future:

It isn't enough to make a fair or good start when you're launching a membership site – you need a GREAT start that will give you the kind of momentum you can keep building on to take your website from triumph to triumph (and you from plenty of profit to even more profit)!

That's why the Membership Sites Blueprint gives you a good look at how to open your site with a bang, and make sure you've got everything in place that's needed for even more explosive success in the future. Just a few of the things we enable you to do effectively are:

  • Discover how you can tell at a glance which markets have the potential to earn you plenty of money, which ones will flop as membership sites, and which ones are sheer inspiration!
  • Find out why multifaceted topics make better subscription sites than ones with a narrow focus, and how to turn that to your advantage.
  • Learn what kind of site your members want, and how to give it to them. Discover secrets of making different kinds of people feel at home on your site – and want to return.
  • Uncover how to leverage other people's work in the field and how to tell from other sites, magazines, etc. whether you're picking a winner to start a site about.
  • Understand how the lifecycle of sites affects what you should do right away, urgently, and what it's just as important to leave for later, and why putting in some features too soon could torpedo your site before it's left the dock!

The very way you have your site organized can deeply affect how well you do with your enterprise. There are plenty of different ways you can set up your business, various methods of selling what you have to offer, and some viable alternatives to consider. You need to know what the possibilities are before you can choose between them.

This module of the Membership Sites Blueprint gives you strong, valuable advice straight from the shoulder – giving you everything you need to know about organizing your site for plenty of earning and success. Some of the things that are covered (among other things) include:

  • A close look at the most successful types of membership website, including the overall favorite of everybody – the recurring monthly subscription – plus the collection-building model (think "CD of the Month Club"), and even finite length memberships for those courses that need to be spaced out over a few months, but have an obvious end.
  • The unexpected and clever ways you can get a good profit out of a FREE subscription model if you want to try something unorthodox – and how to avoid the pitfalls that could potentially cause you to lose most of your subscribers while using this model.
  • Why selling consumable products is dangerous even though it offers a profitable subscription model, and what to look out for if you try this risky approach.
  • Find out what it takes to cash in on other business' need for content – become a newsletter and content provider for other firms, sending out regular updates to their clients and getting paid for doing their work for them!
  • Discover how self study and coaching differ, and pick up several useful ways you can leverage coaching to multiply your profits many times over for teaching the material you're already offering on your site anyway!

A membership site without subscribers is about as useful to the owners as is a restaurant without diners. At the same time, getting people to come to your site is one of the most challenging struggles you'll have in building up a great membership site – if not the biggest challenge of all!

Membership Sites Blueprint equips you for that struggle with lots of powerful, empowering techniques that let you drive traffic to your site from far and wide with as little cost as possible. Using modern technology as your fulcrum, you'll discover how to move mountains – in this case, mountains of subscribers onto your site, and heaps of cash into your wallet!

Here are some of the right-now techniques the Blueprint puts at your fingertips:

  • Understand what the biggest obstacle to making your website a success is, so that you can plan clearly and effectively to overcome it.
  • Find out the very best way to use an introductory product to tempt people into signing up for your monthly membership – and how to avoid most of the unpleasantness from those who don't want to be subscribed but choose it anyway.
  • Amazingly simple and effective ways to use a free download to advertise your site and build an e-mail mailing list – plus airtight methods of keeping people from cheating and getting your free offer without giving you anything in return!
  • Get caught up with modern advertising by using the social media craze to your advantage, plus find out three ways you can get great results with social media (hint: traditional advertising methods don't work well on social media – these people march to the tune of a different drummer than the passive consumers of yesteryear, but these methods will appeal to them and win their interest, which will translate into traffic for you)!
  • Why you should try to create a viral video – and how to get your advertising message into it without just seeming like a crass hard-sell TV spot.
  • What Twitter's potential is for getting people excited about your site, and how important some famous Twitter commentators' tweets are!
  • How you can turn Facebook into a nonstop traffic-generating machine with the unique type of advertising it offers – and the secret of what approach interests Facebook users most.
  • Discover why turning your subscribers into unpaid salespeople for your site is a great marketing and traffic strategy – and how to whip up the enthusiasm that will get people to become willing promoters of your website.

A membership site is founded on long-term relationships just as much most people's social lives are. Once you've persuaded people to come to your site and pay you their hard-earned dollars, Euros, rubles, or yen to subscribe to it, your job isn't done. You need to persuade them that your site is a great place to stick around for years – an electronic home away from home that's not only useful to them, but makes them feel good to participate in and where they feel welcome.

Membership Sites Blueprint arms you with just the knowledge you need to make your site irresistible to your subscribers. You can build up a rapport with them, make them your friends – and here are some of the ways you will discover in this guide for doing just that:

  • What role forums have to play in building a great community on your site – with vital information on when to start them (boosting customer loyalty into the stratosphere) and when not to start them – the critical moment when building a forum might wreck your entire online business beyond repair.
  • Why it's important to get people participating in your website, how you can benefit from their participation and make your site a better site, what kinds of participation give your subscribers a very positive sense of belonging.
  • How long term content that keeps its value over time can be worked into even a site based around right-now matters – and why it's vitally important that you have this content.
  • Solutions for getting people interested in your site over the long haul by giving away free stuff to them – which, of course, is actually paid for by part of their subscription fee. Discover how to tie back into your site so that they'll get the most use out of their gift if they stay subscribed!
  • Find out how to get your customers to encourage each other to stick around by giving them a social system to interact with – and perhaps make them participate in it.
  • Tackle the tricky question of membership levels on your site to get people involved in trying to earn the next level. Read up on how to leverage this powerful tool for generating long term loyalty without causing resentment in lower levels of membership, how to reward people who stick around long enough to become elite members, and lots more.
  • Find out how long membership options can give people a great incentive for sticking with you over the long term – yet also form a clear idea of how risky these plans can be, and how you can answer the question of whether or not a monthly subscription should be the only membership option you offer. Find out why quarterly or annual subscriptions can make you plenty of money – or, if put into the wrong site, actually drive business away!

Your site needs – and deserves – only the best content that you can obtain and offer to your subscribers. This is ultimately what they're paying you for, and you'd best make sure that they're getting their money's worth if you want them to keep offering you their cash. Content affects everything else about the site – how many people come there, how many are willing to pay for it, and how many are willing to stay.

Membership Sites Blueprint shows you many of the best resources you can draw on to fill your website to the brim with high quality, desirable content. There are plenty of ways you can get exactly the content you need and want, even on topics you know nothing about, if you use these tips to their full potential.

  • Freelancers can be a very powerful tool in your kit for building up lots of great content in your website. Find out how you can locate them, what kind of work you can expect from them, and how to use them to best advantage for your business.
  • Partnering with bloggers can yield some really great content, but you need to handle it carefully, and a lot differently from Freelancers. You can learn here how to approach a blogger, and also what you need to do in order to comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules if the blogger's located in the United States.
  • Tap a very underutilized content resource by finding the right Amazon authors and offering them money in exchange for their expertise. This is pretty much terra incognita for most membership site owners, but Membership Sites Blueprint shows you how to use it!
  • Discover the potential of partnering with an expert – and find out why it's both most appropriate, and most effective, for you to keep control of the enterprise and reap most of the profits, while the expert should stay the junior partner. Also, learn just how much an expert is worth to you, and what that means for setting up a partnership with one.
  • Why I recommend that you use technology to generate content – there's a huge amount of hidden potential for building up content on any computer, and most of it is free other than the cost of electricity to run the machine. You'll also learn how you can add high quality material very quickly using a few very common technological devices.

Setting up your site yourself can save you a real bundle, and the less money you spend initially, the sooner your project will be in the black and generating a great income stream for you. Even if you only do part of the construction yourself, you can reduce your expenses a lot. On top of that, you'll have a lot more control over how your site works – there will be less security issues – and your site will be much more individualized and interesting to subscribers.

You can get useful recommendations from Membership Sites Blueprint about what programs are best to use in designing your site – and detailed instructions both on how to set them up, and why it's good to set them up this way. Some of the stuff I've included for you is –

  • See why some programs are better than others, and get an honest appraisal of various scripts and programs you might use while populating your server, including Wishlist, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.
  • Discover how to download and install Wishlist, using a shell console or an FTP client, to get the benefits of using this streamlined program and its easy to use interface, which controls payments, members only access, and many other important features.
  • Learn great methods of configuring Wishlist to handle many different kinds of transactions, from one time purchases to the all-important recurring monthly subscriptions, and how to edit them once they're in place.
  • Find out how to integrate PayPal into your website's payment plan.
  • Get empowered with top quality tips on how both shell and FTP users can set up WordPress on their website, and all the advantages you'll gain from doing just that!

Social media is a great way to get traffic to your site, and building a mailing list with free downloads gives you lots of places to send your newsletters. But it's definitely best not to put all your eggs in one basket, and the more ways you have of driving traffic to your site, the better.

It's the river with the most tributaries that gets widest and strongest, and since the river in question here is one of users and cash earnings, you obviously want it as big as you can get it! That's exactly what Membership Sites Blueprint shows you how to do –

  • Leverage affiliates more effectively than ever before, earning plenty of money through their efforts while avoiding some of the pitfalls that you might run into that would lessen the effectiveness of your affiliate programs.
  • How best to use pay per click (PPC) and banner advertising – learn how these long-standing advertising methods are still relevant to the current market and how to gain plenty of advantages for yourself without spending a huge amount on ads!
  • Find out how you can bulk up your sales with everything from passive, free ads to highly targeted reviews.
  • Use powerful, irresistible bonus offers to get people to opt into your subscription with items that they want more than your membership – and then convert them into ongoing subscribers with topnotch content!

All the material you'll find in the Membership Sites Blueprint is fully developed and ready for putting into action today. Yes, there's probably some stuff that you won't get to right away, because there's so much useful content here overall. But you can start taking positive, constructive action within an hour of getting the blueprint.

This is an exciting opportunity whether you're just starting to plan your membership site, or are looking for ways to put some high octane fuel into a subscription site that's just struggling along without generating the success you hoped it would (and needed it to get). Put the Blueprint's powerful methods at your disposal and start building your website into a powerhouse today!

Now that you have a clear grasp of everything that’s in the Membership Sites Blueprint, I'm going to ask you a simple question...

And for something which is this effective, I'm sure you must be asking yourself...

"This is great but it sounds expensive..."

I can certainly see how you'd think that.

After all... this is the one program which is going to hold your hand and show you everything needed to know about creating membership sites.

More than a program actually, it's a whole guided tour into the world of boosting your income… in short, a life changer.

Well I'll tell you right now...

I'll tell you exactly how much in a second but first let's talk about what it's not going to cost.

Recently one of the self-proclaimed “Marketing Gurus” held a weekend field trip for a bunch of aspiring internet marketers. How much did the weekend cost?

More than $15,000 per person, plus travel... plus hotel.

The results were pretty good too. Something like 80% of the guys got their membership website created.

But for fifteen grand? Seriously?

I know how you can stay in your own home and have someone do it for you for less that 10% of that price!

Plus... what about the other 20% who failed?

Imagine shelling out that much of your hard earned money to FAIL! Fifteen grand, a whole weekend, a ruined website.

Heck... you could stay home and do that for free!

Well, don't worry, because I wouldn't think of asking you for anything close to $15,000 for this Membership Sites Blueprint. And you get so much more than a weekend of basic internet tips.

While other programs rely on these schemes, my Membership Sites Blueprint gets better results!

So the important question you’re asking shouldn't be "What's it gonna cost?"

Instead, your question should be, "What is this worth to me?"

Because if you follow this blueprint in which I hold your hand step by step all the way, I’ll show you how to transform your website into a 5 to 6 figure business in an extremely short period of time.

This blueprint is an accelerated learning curve, so it doesn’t matter how much you know because with this, I show you exactly what to do, step-by-step for you to have your very own effective membership site. And not just a random membership site, it’s one which will have recurring income as well!


But now… instead of a $15k course, you could take a zero off that price and you'd have to admit that's a great deal, right?

We both agree $1,500 in exchange for knowledge to have recurring passive income using effective membership sites... is really a deal and a half.

But Membership Sites Blueprint will not cost you anything close to that price either.

So... how about this?

How about I take another zero off that price?

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P.S. The main reason why you’d be postponing getting it is down to excuses. Right now, you’ll be thinking:

Excuse #1: “I’m not an expert in anything”

Again, let me stress, I’m not an expert in forex, I’m not a pro gamer, I’m not a suave serial dater. Yet I have bestselling products for all of these.

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I’m probably the last person who you’d expect to have technical knowledge. But that didn’t stop me from finding people who had the knowledge and create how-to-videos (which are all shared with you) so creating these membership sites are never going to be an obstacle anymore!

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Excuse #3 “This sounds too expensive”

Remember, Membership Sites Blueprint will change the way your internet business is run. You’ll potentially be able to create recurring streams of income, not just from one site but many others!

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